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Testimonials for Miami, FL Aesthetician Julie Pernas Acne, Rosacea, and Scarring Services

Patient Reviews

We know that choosing a skilled dermatologist is hard. There's a lot to consider, like what services they offer, education and experience level, how comfortable you feel in the office, whether you like the staff, and much more. To learn if Brickell Cosmetic Center is right for you, we encourage you to review past and current patient reviews below. These reviews not only help you get to know what we're about, but they help us continue to grow and be just what you need us to be. Dr. Lauren Dozier and her staff are excited to welcome you into their family.

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Review from T.R.  |  Source: Yelp  |  May 22, 2021

been going here for 2(almost 3) years. their services are no joke, they wont lie to you. they wont do extra services if they dont believe in them, even if it would make them more money. if you think you need one service, they will scan u and show u in real time why u dont need that cause something else is the root cause and what youre seeing is the leaves of a deep root. they undid 10 years of hormonal acne damage to my face. i dont have the dark spots or the chunks of missing skin from those hard, painful pimples that i used to have and its because of these genius, gorgeous women in this med spa that have made my skin feel timeless and look the part without any injection ever, just deep facials.. i respect the hell out of this place and will always come back as long as i live here in miami. julie is a favorite cause she is so incredibly knowledgable of everything and tells what you would benefit the most from. the front desk girls are so well informed as well. Dr Dozier helped me figure out skin problems ive had for over a decade and solved it all in 1 derma visit. She is brilliant and she listens, she found a skin fungus that i never noticed. i saw a huge skin improvement after going on meds of getting rid of that fungus. do i really need to go on? this place is amazing, just come in. More

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