How Long Can Soreness Last After EMSCULPT® Treatment?

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EMSCULPT® can give you the toned appearance you have been dreaming about, but you might feel a little sore following the session. Your abdomen muscles will tighten during the procedure, which can make you feel sore. The sensation is like the muscle pain you experience following a hard workout at the gym. If you feel sore following the EMSCULPT treatment, then take it easy for a few days and abstain from your exercise routine. The soreness will only last for a few days, and then you can return to your normal lifestyle.

Our team at Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, FL will meet with you for a consultation to discuss EMSCULPT and what you can expect from the treatment sessions. They will also discuss the number of treatment sessions needed to help attain the toned results you seek.

What to expect from EMSCULPT

With EMSCULPT, your body builds muscle. An EMSCULPT treatment session will take around 30 minutes, depending on how many areas will be undergoing treatment. Many patients are concerned about if EMSCULT will hurt. EMSCULPT generally does not cause pain. Some patients report feeling a warm sensation or slight tingling.

During your EMSCULPT treatment, you will relax in a private room at Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, FL. You can listen to music during the treatment process. The goal is to provide you with a comfortable experience. Our team will pass the EMSCULPT handpiece across the treatment area. The device works by causing your muscle fibers to contract and flex using electromagnetic energy. The device transmits vigorous pulses to the muscles. Our skilled team will control the intensity.

Developing an EMSCULPT treatment schedule

Following your EMSCULPT treatment session, you can return to your daily activities. Many patients schedule a treatment session before work or on their lunch break. Our team will discuss your treatment schedule with you and determine how many treatments you should undergo to help achieve the results you seek.

It typically takes 4 – 8 sessions before you’ll notice results. Usually, the more treatments, the greater the results. Your muscles will start creating a more toned appearance following EMSCULPT.


Many patients are concerned about the safety of EMSCULPT. Our team will address your concerns to reassure you that EMSCULPT Is a safe way to strengthen and tone your muscles without spending an excessive amount of time at the gym.

EMSCULPT is a noninvasive and nonsurgical body contouring treatment. You won’t experience any downtime following treatment. You might have mild soreness in the muscles, as you would after any workout, but it is not described as severe. You should treat the soreness as you would after any hard workout season.

Schedule an EMSCULPT consultation in Miami, FL

Schedule an EMSCULPT consultation in Miami, FL. Our team also treats patients near Brickell, Coconut Grove, and Key Biscayne, FL. During a consultation at Brickell Cosmetic Center, our team will discuss your goals with you and let you know if EMSCULPT is the right treatment choice to help give you the toned and fit look you are seeking. Contact us today to learn more.

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