How Much Fat Can I Expect To Lose With EMSCULPT® Treatment?

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EMSCULPT is ideal for patients near Miami, FL who are struggling to burn stubborn pockets of fat deposits around the body. While you might exercise each day and stick with a healthy diet, you could have a tough time losing weight around the abdomen, buttocks, flank, arms, and legs. But with EMSCULPT body sculpting, individuals see the positive results as they lose that stubborn fat in targeted areas.

During your initial consultation at Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, FL, you’ll learn all about the many benefits of EMSCULPT body contouring, and you can get the physique of your dreams without fad diets and crazy amounts of exercise.

How does the EMSCULPT process work?

EMSCULPT provides a body contouring solution with positive results during each 30-minute session. The EMSCULPT handpiece will go over the targeted area to trigger flexing in the muscle fibers. High-intensity focused electromagnetic or HIFEM waves are applied in the area to boost muscle contractions, improving how the fibers flex and respond.

An average EMSCULPT session will last for about 30 minutes. You will need about 6 – 8 treatments for the best possible results, with each session being spaced out about three days apart to allow the tissues to recover.

How does it help you lose fat?

EMSCULPT focuses on boosting muscle mass and definition, but the process also helps the body burn more calories. The HIFEM waves will trigger enough muscle contractions to increase the amount of calories the body burns. The area’s fat cells will start burning off to produce the energy necessary to handle those calories.

How much fat will you burn?

The EMSCULPT process produces outstanding results, with the EMSCULPT website reporting indviduals can get a 16% increase in muscle mass on average. This number means you could lose about 10% or more of your body fat in the targeted area through the process. The effort improves how your body looks while also making muscles more visible.

The amount you will burn will increase as you go through more sessions. The body needs to keep metabolizing its fat cells to manage the energy necessary for handling all those muscle contractions.

Where on the body does EMSCULPT work?

Our experts at Brickell Cosmetic Center can apply the EMSCULPT system for one or various parts around your body, including thighs, upper arms, abdomen, flank, and buttocks.

EMSCULPT is safe and does not require extensive downtime, as it is a noninvasive treatment. It also doesn’t trigger discomfort in your body, helping you achieve the results you deserve.

Learn more about how well EMSCULPT can work for you

You can trust the team at Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, FL when you’re looking for a great way to burn unwanted fat and improve your physique. We are available for patients throughout the Miami area, including people near Brickell, Key Biscayne, and Coconut Grove. Visit our website today to learn more about how the EMSCULPT solution can work for your body.

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