Revive Your Skin With a Rejuvenating Hydrafacial

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Day in and day out, your skin undergoes a fair bit of abuse as it shields you from the elements and protects you against dirt and other invaders like bacteria. Why not reinforce these efforts by giving your skin the tools it needs to put up the good fight? Our Hydrafacial® is the perfect solution for restoring a healthy glow to your skin, giving it the deep cleaning and hydration it needs (along with some fantastic nourishing ingredients).

At Brickell Cosmetic Center, our team of aestheticians has extensive expertise in skin care, and we understand exactly what your skin needs to look its best. And one of the quickest and easiest ways to revitalize your skin is with our Hydrafacial, a unique three-step facial that brings out the best in your skin.

Here’s a look at what our Hydrafacial can accomplish for your skin.

Helping your skin’s turnover

In order for your skin to do its job properly, your skin cells are constantly turning themselves over, shedding dead cells as fast as new ones come on-line. In fact, your skin regenerates itself once every 28 days.

To help your skin with this turnover, the first step in our Hydrafacial is a deep cleansing and a light peel that uncovers a new layer of skin through gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.

Extraction and hydration

As we mentioned, your skin acts as a shield, absorbing dirt and debris of all sorts, which tend to collect in your pores. And this is especially true in highly exposed skin, such as that on your face.

When debris collects in your pores, it prevents your natural oils from hydrating your skin, and we tackle this problem through the second step of the Hydrafacial. Using a special device, we apply harmless suction to your pores to extract embedded debris, freeing up your pores so that they can produce the oils that nourish and hydrate your skin.

To give your pores a leg up, after we clean them out, we use intense moisturizers to restore hydration and suppleness to your skin.

Protecting your skin

The third step of our Hydrafacial helps protect your new layer of skin with specially formulated antioxidants and peptides to help your skin glow. In fact, we can tailor this final step to your specific skin concerns with special booster serums, including:

  • Brightalive boost for brightening
  • Growth factor boost for wrinkles
  • Dermabuilder boost for aging
  • Britenol boost for sun spots

When you come in, we sit down with you to discuss your goals and, after examining your skin, we come up with the best Hydrafacial approach for your particular skin type.

And the best part? We perform all of these steps in just 30 minutes, making a Hydrafacial a perfect addition to your regular skin care regimen.

If you’d like to see why so many of our Miami area clients are raving about Hydrafacial, call us today, or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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