The Top 3 Reasons You Should Try Microdermabrasion

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There are so many different cosmetic procedures available that it can be difficult to determine which is the best choice for your skin. Fortunately, there is one treatment that is almost always the perfect response to damaged skin: microdermabrasion. As a gentle and non-invasive treatment, microdermabrasion can battle everything from discoloration and sun damage to fine lines and stretch marks. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or looking to pamper yourself for fun, microdermabrasion can be the answer.

Microdermabrasion Is a Simple Addition To Your Routine

You already wash and moisturize your face on a daily basis, and hopefully, you apply sunscreen as well. In order to bring your skin health and vibrance to the next level, you should also receive a gentle professional treatment like microdermabrasion on a monthly basis. Receiving professional microdermabrasion once or twice a month will prevent future damage, heal past damage, and keep people wondering exactly how you achieve such flawless skin.

Microdermabrasion Offers a Host of Benefits

The list of benefits you can gain from microdermabrasion is impressively long. First and foremost, microdermabrasion rejuvenates your skin by using tiny crystals to remove the top layer of dry, dead skin cells. This exfoliation generates smoother, brighter skin instantly. Furthermore, eliminating the top layer of damaged skin also minimizes signs of sun damage, redness, wrinkles, and scars. As if that wasn’t enough, microdermabrasion is even given credit for improving skin laxity and minimizing the appearance of pores.

It’s Simple

Your life is already chaotic, so you don’t need your beauty routine to add to the madness. Microdermabrasion is surprisingly simple, painless, and quick. You can achieve younger-looking skin in just 30 minutes without any worry of recovery time. When you visit Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa in Miami, Florida, a team of experienced and licensed estheticians will create a customized microdermabrasion treatment plan that meets your specific skincare needs. Give Brickell Cosmetic Center & Spa a call today schedule your first appointment and discover exactly what microdermabrasion can do for you.

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