Tired of Looking in the Mirror and Only Seeing Wrinkles?

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Do you find yourself in front of the mirror, pulling your skin back to find the person you once were under those ever-mounting wrinkles? You aren't alone. Age can play some tricks on your skin that leave your outsides looking nothing like how you feel on the inside.

To restore the blank canvas of your younger years, Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami offers injectable neuromodulators that erase the lines carved by time.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing only wrinkles, read on to learn more about how our Botox® and Dysport® products can help.

A well-worn path

The wrinkles that develop on the upper half of your face, namely around your eyes, brows, and forehead, are best thought of as paths through the woods. A lightly trodden path quickly covers itself back up, making it barely discernible from the rest of the forest floor. However, the more use the path sees, the harder it is for Mother Nature to cover the tracks as the trail becomes etched into the landscape.

The same process happens to your skin. Think about how many times a day you use your eyes, forehead, and brows to express something — from laugh lines around your eyes to a crease between your brows that tells of long hours spent in concentration or frustration. When you’re young, your skin bounces back immediately, erasing all traces of these expressive lines. As you get older, however, the combination of a loss of collagen in your skin alongside repeated use makes these lines linger long after your expression is gone.

The end result is wrinkles that make your eyes look tired, your brow permanently furrowed, and your forehead lined with ridges.

Releasing the hold

The wrinkles discussed above are called dynamic lines because they form after years of muscle contractions. Through our use of neuromodulators, we release the hold these muscles have on your aging skin, allowing it to smooth back out.

Let’s start with Botox, which is the grandfather of cosmetic injectables, having burst onto the scene in 2002 to successfully tackle moderate to severe crow’s feet, frown lines, and, recently, forehead lines. This FDA-approved injectable contains a botulinum toxin that temporarily paralyzes the muscles that create the wrinkles on the upper half of your face.

We also offer Dysport, which temporarily reduces moderate-to-severe frown lines between your eyebrows with abobotulinumtoxinA.

Both Botox and Dysport work to get rid of the telltale signs of aging on the top half of your face, making your bright eyes and smile the centers of attention again.

Minutes to erase years

Both cosmetic injectables take only minutes for us to administer, and they go to work immediately. Each morning when you wake up for the next week, you’ll see your lines gradually smooth out, revealing a smooth, shiny surface that harkens back to your youth. Rest assured, the look is natural — we release the lines that are carved into your skin without hampering your ability to make facial expressions.

The injectables last approximately four months, at which time you return for a follow-up treatment to keep the wrinkles at bay.

If you’d like to learn more about our Botox and Dysport products to erase the deep lines and wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, and brows, please give us a call, or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

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