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What is Laser Vein Removal?

Do varicose veins hinder you from wearing shorts or feeling comfortable showing off your legs in public? While harmless, varicose veins, more commonly called spider veins, can look unsightly and be the cause of embarrassment or self-consciousness. Typically found on the legs and face, spider veins are little blood vessels that branch out and become visible through the skin that can be caused by a variety of things, like age, genetics, and more, and are usually blue, purple, or red in appearance. Since spider veins typically multiply over the years and lead to stronger visibility, it's important to seek treatment when you first notice them. To decrease the look of spider veins on the body and face, Brickell Cosmetic Center performs nonsurgical laser vein removal for Miami, FL women and men. In your private consultation, dermatologist Dr. Lauren Dozier can create a customized plan to meet your unique needs and goals for your laser vein reduction treatment.

What is the Laser Spider Vein Removal Process?

Nonsurgical laser treatments for varicose veins are completed in our Miami, FL office as an outpatient procedure in around 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas being treated. During your procedure, you will be asked to lie comfortably in one of our treatment rooms as your skin is cleaned and prepped for treatment. While a relatively comfortable procedure, a local anesthetic can be applied before the session to lessen any potential discomfort if requested. The laser will be passed across your treatment area(s) so the energy can target the veins with a series of pulses. The blood vessels soak in the energy of the laser, which collapses and closes the wall of the vessels without impacting the skin and tissues around them. You will be allowed to leave right after the treatment to resume your regular activities, although you might experience some swelling, redness, or light bruising. Symptoms typically disappear on their own after about a week. For quicker healing, compression or support garments should be worn to encourage the circulation of blood. It is necessary to avoid prolonged sun exposure, and you should use sunscreen on the treated skin. Follow-up treatments may be necessary so those will be scheduled on a needed basis. Other spider veins will probably develop in time so follow-up treatments may be needed every few years.

Remove Spider Veins

If you've been covering up a certain area of your body due to unwanted varicose veins, consider nonsurgical laser vein removal treatments at Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, FL to help improve the look of your complexion. In your initial consultation, dermatologist Dr. Dozier can assess your spider veins and develop a laser vein treatment plan to best fit your concerns.

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