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Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals. A medical grade, sterile scalpel blade is stroked along the skin at an angle to gently exfoliate the very top layer from the epidermis. This removes both dead skin cells and the fine vellus hairs that are known as peach fuzz, leaving the surface of the face ultra smooth. This treatment leaves your skin with a refreshed glow and eliminates Vellus hair, commonly known as "peach-fuzz". By stimulating the development of new skin cells, this type of exfoliation helps new skin rise to the surface. It provides patients with a more youthful and smoother complexion. Maximum results are obtained by participating in a series of treatments plus following a home care regimen.

This procedure can either be performed by itself, or it is combined with other in-office procedures (usually a superficial chemical peel and/or a HydraFacial) for best results.

To determine if this treatment is best suited for your specific skin type and concerns, it's essential to consult with a our medical aesthetician. Book a consultation today to learn more about the benefits of each procedure and take the first step towards achieving your ideal complexion.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

When you're seeking an easy and beneficial way to enhance your complexion, dermaplaning at Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, FL offers a plethora of advantages to revitalize your skin's appearance, including:

  • Almost instantaneous results
  • Trusted and efficient for any skin type
  • Brief and simple treatment
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Creates fresher, revitalized skin
  • Improves effectiveness of skin care treatments
  • Smooths out rough texture
  • Lessens flareups of acne
  • Eliminates excess skin oil, debris, and dirt
  • No chemicals or medications
  • Increases the regeneration of skin
  • Makeup looks better and can be applied more easily
  • Decreases large pores


Wondering if you're a good candidate for dermaplaning?

This treatment is ideal for those with aging, dry, rough, or uneven skin tone, and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, shallow acne scars, and superficial hyperpigmentation.

Is there pain associated with Dermaplaning?

When performed by a properly trained skincare professional, dermaplaning is extremely safe and carries no more risk to the skin than shaving your legs. Plus, there's no downtime associated with this procedure, so you can get back to your daily routine immediately. Many people worry that dermaplaning will be painful or cause cuts, but the truth is that it's entirely painless.

Will my hair grow back thicker or darker?

There's a common misconception that dermaplaning will cause the hair on your face to grow back thicker and darker. However, this is not the case. Vellus hair, the soft and fine hair found on most areas of the body, grows back at the same rate and texture, so you can enjoy the benefits of dermaplaning without worrying about unwanted hair growth.

Ready to learn more about dermaplaning and find out if it's right for you? Contact Brickell Costmetic Center out of Miami, FL today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards smoother, more radiant skin.

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